The Dark Knight Rises Slot

Ever since Christopher Nolan re-affirmed Batman’s time at the top in one of Hollywood’s most successful trilogy rehash bundles to date, has it been worth making an online slot of the same name. Thank God, let the battle begin!

The Dark Knight Rises Slot pays homage to the movie and brings batman to the online casino world in sheer style. Created by Microgaming and played across five reels, the game tells the story of a hero returning from the darkness to go knuckles up with arch nemesis Bane.

What’s the story behind Dark Knight Rises Slot?

Darkknight Rises is the final movie in the trilogy based on the characters from the DC Comics that sees Bane and Selina Kyle laying Gotham City to complete ruin amidst chaos. It’s a gritty and violent affair as Batman returns against all odds to ensure good triumphs over evil. It’s this battle that sets a great background for one of the years most anticipated online slots. Take a super hero, a bad ass villain and fuel the fight with bonus features galore. The result is the dark knight rises video slot!

Game Symbols, Paylines, Pay Out Rates and Reels

Slot symbols include Batman, Bane, John Blake (wants to be Robin), Commissioner Gordon and then two yummy lovelies in the shape of Miranda Tate and the feisty leather clad Cat Woman. These character symbols are the more valuable where as the standard Q, J, K and A is of the lower symbology. Special symbols which jump start the bonus features are the familiar dark knight rises logo and the bomb scatter. The game which pays 243 winning ways and a jack pot of (50 x line bet) has an average payout assessment of 96. 4% to players.

Features/Game Bonus Rounds

Like the 2012 motion picture of the same name, the darkknight rises slot has enough action to keep spinners interested throughout. What’s fascinating about this aspect of the game is that microgaming have used brawls between Batman and Bane to determine the outcome of free spins, multipliers and scatter based winnings, clever really.

Bonus highlights for Batmans final outing include the symbol scramble feature (a mix and match bag of endless prize winning), expanding wilds, a rolling reels game, triggered free spins and a fight mode that sets the slot ablaze. This brawling sequence involves Bane and our hero knocking ten bells out of each other as the winnings keep on coming. In its explosive conclusion, the darkknightslot is packing some serious fire power in the features category. Basically the more that’s going on, then the more likely your on a good streak with this one.

Betting Limits & Winning Rates (Including Jackpot)

Bets per spins can cover the whole playing field starting from as little as 30 pence to the more whopping £75 per throw of the reels. The slot is non-progressive meaning more often but smaller prizes due to an increased (RTP) return to player average. And whilst the jackpots may not be life changing, there’s certainly nothing wrong with 50 x money back on that one lucky spin. At 5 reels splitting 243 winning possibilities, we can’t fault the win rate in respect to its 96. 4% pay out.

Dark Knight Rises Controls

Like other microgaming video slots of this tempo, Batman’s control design is top spec. Bets are made quickly, information is readily available, games history for real money players is also on tap where as auto play and credit limits are close to hand. You never lose touch with the caped crusader throughout all it’s spinning glory and despite all the action kicking off around the screen; you remain firmly in control of the game at all times. The only thing you don’t have a handle on (unfortunately) is the winning or losing resultant.

Why Play It

Play the dark knight rises slot and you’ll quickly realise that marvels playtech variants are not on their own at the highest level of internet fruit machine appeal. It’s brutal, compelling and carries with each spin the darkness that made the franchise so successful in the first place. Loaded with extras and brimming with more features than the bat cave itself, the darkknightrises gets a well deserving super verdict from covertcasino. co. uk. Why play it, why not.

Which Casino to Play Dark Knight Rises Online

You can spin Batman off against Bane at the following gaming destinations. At the time of writing, the packages were a £250 welcome at mr greens casino, £32 free no deposit offer at 32red and a quality real money deal worth £175 at betvictor. com. This is one of the webs landmark video slots and well worth spinning!