Star Trek Against All Odds

IGT’s second stab at JJ Abram’s mammoth sci-fi blockbuster is one of the online casino industries most impressive slots. Star Trek against all odds takes players boldly where no player has gone before, to seek out new bonuses, features and possible jackpots. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise; a damn good casino slot!

«In 2012, IGT launched a new era for the online slots age with the first arcade style skill-based casino game to contain real movie footage»

Featured Casino Bonus

To this day Spinandwin. com remains our top casino for playing games developed by global gaming leader IGT. The stylish venue offers a £500 welcome bonus for real money players looking to play Star Trek Against All Odds.

Against All Odds Introduction

Using the successful 720 ways to win concept that launched Siberian Storm into the mainstream public eye. IGT’s Against All Odds delivers an ultimate and very possible prize winning capability. This time around the mission follows Captain Kirk along with Spock and the crew as they pursue Romulans trying to annihilate the human race (they’re so mean).

The game features five reels of pure energised science fiction, high spec graphics, explosive bonus rounds, multiwayxtra payout software, a vast betting range and a jackpot of 1000 coins. With a payload like this, the Star Trek Against All Odds slot could do some serious damage to its hosting casino. Just like the 2009 re-imagination of Star-Trek opened the franchise to another universe of fans; it’s fair to say that IGT has just done the same for the slots industry.

Graphics and Playability

At first glance, there’s no mistaking IGT’s vision that mixes deep space with the concept of winning big money. Star Trek’s appearance is both flawless and possibly borderline brilliant. The hexagonal five reels are well suited against the backdrop of planets and stars whereas the betting console has the look and feel of a space crusading cockpit.

«The graphics and sound effects are light years ahead of other slots developers, further immersing the player into the experience»

Everything about Against All Odds screams interstellar conflict, space exploration and online gambling. The three core ingredients which make the slot work on the level it does. Because of these ingredients the Star Trek slot has a story; it engages the player interactively and puts you on a collision course with destiny, its win real money or face defeat by the Romulan Narada. Now that is exciting, it’s what we call sound playability.

Graphics wise and IGT’s Star Trek 2 has supremacy over most of its competition, and that’s largely down to the colour scheme used on the well illustrated icons and the games overall background. It sounds awesome too! Play it on a good LCD screen with a decent set of speakers, and it shows you how far online slots have come. The animation for the bonus games in particular is world beating.


As the Star-Trek against all odds slot is based entirely on the 2009 movie, a lot of the motion pictures resources, characters and events are included. Symbols found in the game include a variety of weapons (both Starfleet and Romulan), Captain Kirk himself, Spock and a selection of colleagues from the USS Enterprise. It’s those symbols that pay the lower, but still modest values.

«The game offers an incredible 720 ways to win for just 60 coins per bet; Star Trek Against All Odds gives good odds!»

As we move up the pay scales the scatter, wild and bonus icons are also onboard. These are responsible for the games higher payout scenarios such as the multipliers and Against All Odds bonus features. The choice for the reels does work, but we’d loved to have seen more of the females included (the green chick, etc.).

Star Trek 2 Slot Features

In your mission to stop the Nerada from destroying planet earth, you’ll encounter (if you’re lucky) a selection of winning scenarios that help build personal real money revenue streams. Firstly the energising wild is spectacular and one of the best wild sequences we’ve seen on a slot for some time, these are triggered randomly and can generate some big wins. It’s also worth noting that encompassed within the whole Star Trek slots make up is the (720) winning ways (multiwayxtra). Which should not get overlooked, although not a bonus as such, this software protocol is highly influential within the games payout strategy.

«Enterprise Defender feature calls upon real money players to wage war against the Romulans and climb through the ranks!» Both Trekkie’s and general slot fans however will relish in the slots main event, the defender bonus. Activated by bonus symbols appearing anywhere across the reels, players will find themselves directly in conflict with the Romulans. Use your shields, shoot down missiles, take out bomblets and defend the earth from annihilation. The more successful your mission, then the higher your rank becomes, then the more money you win, etc.