Problem Gambling On Roulette Machines

It’s not just bookies roulette games that pose a threat to responsible gaming; it’s anything that some identify as probable solutions to financial problems. Fruit machines, quiz simulators, animated horse racing and fixed odds betting terminals become an issue for some when the player puts desperation for the returns into his game.

When responsible gaming falls over, problem gambling stands up. The difference between the two is variable, but a person must know their limits in order to remain in a safe position!

Responsible gaming is the complete opposite to this, when you play roulette responsibly the desperation for those financial returns is not a necessity, it’s a possibility.

Now we’re going to look at some of the tell tale signs of problem gambling and the pitfalls of possible addiction to roulette machines. As we’ve said before, a good player should know his opponent. So why do some people get addicted to FOBT?

First of all it’s important to understand that the person may not become addicted to the machine itself, but more so the situation. It doesn’t matter if they’re happy or depressed, up or down, on a good streak or a bad run.

The player just keeps on betting, even when they’re aware it could be hurting themselves or their loved ones, even whether or not they can or can’t afford it. They will still chase the moment; the winning or losing doesn’t matter, it’s all about the bet. Critics argue that high street bookmakers with FOBT’s present, immediate and convenient opportunity for this kind of practice.

If you’re to stay in the game as a player who takes that game for just exactly what it is, a pass time, a bit of fun and perhaps a winning opportunity. Then make yourself fully aware of the reasons below why sometimes (and any of us) could one day go too far. At covertcasino. co. uk we’re no stranger to a dabble on the bookies roulette, but you must stay sensible.

Why some consider roulette machines as havens for gambling problems


It’s easier to find a betting shop these day’s than it is a chemist. Only pound shops and discount stores that sell tools that break for under a pound coin can match their presence. It’s because of this convenient nature that some believe it invites problem gambling, and whilst these shop’s may be limited to around four terminals which include fruit machines. There is still plenty of space and time for a problem player to find one.


Spending all day in the bookies because it gives someone the sense that they’re not alone is not uncommon. So naturally playing roulette machines whilst surrounded by familiar faces can to some degree provide comfort or a more deserving word company. Friendships formed over gambling discussions can often lead to problem gambling on roulette machines.

Convenient entry

Casinos online or establishments provide some point of controlled entry. Casinos require identification and provide a more glamorous background whereas websites need personal details in order to build profiles with login credentials. Playing a roulette machine is far more convenient because any tom, dick or harry can walk into the bookies to play FOBT’s without anyone batting an eyelid. Providing of course they’re over 18 years old, or they’re a 14-year-old teenager with stubble.

Limited barriers

When gambling becomes a problem the person involved can use barriers as part of their treatment. Out of any betting establishment, a bookmaker has the least of barriers. Sure they can ban themselves from Betfred or Ladbrokes on one street, but an urge will take them somewhere else. This makes getting your hands on a fixed odds betting terminal very easy.

Social gambling

This goes hand in hand with (company) and one of the reasons some people get heavily involved with roulette machines. The longer the player spends in the bookies then, the more likely that a person will develop relationships with other gamblers, perhaps even a problem gambler. FOBT’s can become great topics for discussion, especially in terms of possible strategies and betting patterns. These claims can encourage other players; excitement develops and before long, investment ensures. Social gambling is a major component with regards to roulette machine addiction.

Innocent bets big wins

This one is the same for any device that allows the player to experience a win fall and receive an actual physical reward. Fruit machines have this empowerment to and can effectively hook the vulnerable. It’s impossible to predict when roulette machines will pay out or when a fruit machine is about to drop, but some innocent bets catch big wins. We mean a player might try something for the first time, catch a game at the exact right moment and fluke themselves a great win. It can be captivating and could even trigger problem gambling, leaving the player with the same crazy expectations for next time. People do win on these things and in cases; they can even take back £500 from a £10 credit pot, but what happens with that money then? exactly.

Remember that our roulette tips pages feature everything to help players prepare for smarter gambling and to help them identify potential issues early.

Time filling

Some heavy gamblers use FOBT’s as a waiting game for say horse racing, sports betting and minor stakes on the football. So for instance, you walk into William Hill to put £5. 00 each way on the favourite running at 16: 10, it’s now 15: 55. This 15-minute period whilst you wait for the race could be nicely passed whilst playing roulette don’t you think. Hence, the reason some people use the games for a time filling purposes too. These are all scenarios that some believe encourage problem gambling on roulette machines.

Players who learn how to bankroll FOBT games play a safer and more disciplined game than those who don’t. You can learn how to bankroll at the bookies to within certain percentages that can help you gain more control over your pockets. Remember hobbies can become habits, and responsible gaming can become a gambling problem.