Atlantic Interbet Online Casino

Atlantic Interbet online casinos has come up with a way to bring the fun and excitement of online casinos style gaming to your home, and has managed to improve the odds as well.

Traveling to Las Vegas or Atlantic City can be an entertaining means of making some money, but quite often the costs of travel can negate the profits of successful wagering.  Once airfare, hotels, entertainment and meals are paid for, a gamer must really win big to come out ahead.  Unfortunately this doesn?t always happen.

Their new online casinos offers every imaginable casinos game, configured into a convenient virtual, interactive setting.  Online casinos players can now wager on everything from black jack to craps to keno without leaving their homes.  The entertainment factor is still present as well, as the games are not just played against a computer, but are played as live tournaments with other online gamblers.

In addition to convenience, a major benefit to online casinos is the improved chance of winning.  By eliminating the overhead of a brick and mortar location, Atlantic Interbet online casinos is able to offer higher payout amounts and better odds in a large number of games.  Anyone with even a little skill is more than likely to come out a winner.  Odds of winning at the Atlantic casino range from 96.19% at Baccarat, to 97.73% at BlackJack, to an amazing 99.42% at Craps. Given these odds, even a small investment and a little gaming know-how can ensure success.

Atlantic also offers special profitable benefit programs such as “The Online casinos Vault.”  The Online casinos Vault is a progressive jackpot which is won by guessing a number combination.  Whenever a progressive wager is placed by any player, one cent is added to The Vault’s jackpot.  This amount simply continues to build until a player guesses the correct number combination.

In addition to this high winning potential, Atlantic online casinos offers a referral program which can bring in even more money for the active gamer.  Payouts are given for each new player brought in, with extra bonuses of up to $12,500.